2.0 baddies to destroy Red Fort and Parliament

ShankarEvery day and every hour, there seems to be more and more appealing news about Shankar’s 2.0 the movie, which happens to be the sequel to 2010 blockbuster hit ‘Enthiran’ featuring Superstar Rajinikanth in lead role.

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The film’s shooting commenced before three months and now the entire crew has managed to complete 50% of the shoot including the climax sequences. Now with Superstar Rajinikanth holidaying in USA, he will be getting back by end of this month and meanwhile, Shankar wants to shoot the sequences involving Akshay Kumar and Sudhanshu Pandey, who will be playing the baddies of this film.

It is worth mentioning that Akshay plays a scientist named ‘Richard’, which later becomes a Mutant and Sudhanshu Pandey of ‘Billa 2 fame’, plays the son of professor Bora (Danny Denzgoppa), who was killed by Chitti during the first instalment. Shankar will be now shooting certain sequences in the studio with Green Mat set up for it involves high octave action sequences. Since it involves some sensitive materials like the characters devastating the monumental buildings like Red Fort and Parliament, seeking permission wouldn’t be possible, so would be matched with the Green Mat set up in the post-production works.

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