Accham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Movie Review

A flair for splendiferous visuals, beautiful characterizations yet casual and dramatic narration that keeps you so much engrossed. Gautham Vasudev Menon has always offered to make such things over his comfort zone and it’s been a sweet delight to the urban audiences. Accham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada1Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada starring STR and Manjima Mohan is one such illustration. The film is about a young chap (STR) taking a road trip along with his favourite girl (Manjima Mohan), friend of his younger sister. Everything goes well until a turbulent violence strikes them overnight.

Accham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada2 What lets us get impressive with the film is scintillating performance of STR, Manjima Mohan, Baba Sehgal and others in the cast. Apparently, AR Rahman’s musical score in both songs and BGM are the biggest strength followed by resplendent visuals. On the other end, what could be a minus as perceived by the audiences would be the sudden shift of this film from a breezy romance to a hard violent action thriller suddenly. Accham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada3But again, there are some mass scenes that would strongly appeal to the STR fans. Overall, Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada will be a sure treat for both audiences who love mass and class movies.

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