Actor Vishal comments on Ajith Kumars negativity

Actor Vishal has been actively involved in the betterment of Tamil cinema along with his team of Nadigar Sangam and Tamil film producer council. We have been witnessing a lot of developments achieved through his team over the past couple of months. He has been bringing some best measures into the computerization of tickets, modification of projection see in theatres and many more accomplishments, the actor happen to interact with the leading Tamil magazine.

Thala Ajith

During this interview, he was asked what he likes and heads about both actor Vijay and Ajith Kumar. In this interview,  he said that there is nothing to hate about Ajith Kumar except for the fact that he is always an available for any discussions involving Nadigar Sangam. He says, “I had even tried reaching him after talking to his public relations officer and even then there hasn’t been any improvement over his nature.”

Getting on to speak about actor Vijay, Vishal says that there is lot of things I like about Vijay. Especially, the fact that he had to face a lot of problems and criticisms and yet he remained silent showing is success through action.

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