Actress Oviya’s unforgettable help to producer

Actress Oviya carved a niche in the hearts of Tamil people through her participation in the renowned Big Boss show. Numerous people have started admiring her. At this juncture, she is acting in a film titled Oviya Vitta Yaaru. Rajadurai has directed the film. Srikanth Deva has composed the music. Now the title of the film has been changed as Seeni. It is understood that producer Madurai Selvam is finding it very difficult to release the film.

Actress Oviya

Oviya who came to know about this phoned the producer and said, “Don’t worry. You tell me when it is being released. I will come for the promotion. You should win.”

At a time when actors and actresses demand money to participate in the promotions, the producer has mentioned that Oviya’s gesture was a great help to him…

Oviya has now become the favourite of masses as she shed down the image of an actress and is starting to move along with public. In fact, she becomes so much popular after her exit from Bigg Boss House. She has been going bike rounds with fans, interacting with people in Malls and so much that normally an actress doesn’t do.

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