Actress Sona to make her re-entry as a police officer

Sona who was not seen in the film industry for the last few years is now making her re-entry. She has reduced her weight.


Sona had acted in glamorous roles in few films including Pathukku Pathu, Guru En Aalu, Kuselan and Ko. She also produced a film on her own. The film which was titled Kanimozhi had Jai in the lead role. Sona was also very popular actress in Malayalam film industry. Few years she quit her acting. She turned towards spirituality wearing saffron dresses. She also shocked her fans by changing her name by Devi Sona.

Now after a long time, she is making her re-entry though a film which is to be produced in Tamil and Malayalam. This is supposed to be crime thriller. It is understood that she has reduced her weight by 7 kilos for the sake of this film. She will be donning the role of a police officer.

This is the first time that she is donning the role of a police officer. This film gives importance to the heroine. Debutante director will be directing the film. For the sake of this film, she is undergoing fighting practice.

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