Ajith Kumar’s route for Vijay Antony and GV Prakash

If you have been an ardent fan of Ajith Kumar, you would have observed something more particular about the release dates of his movies in the recent times. Ajith Kumar1 It all happens on Thursdays and this is in accordance to the actor’s sublime reverence for his God like Shridi Sai and now it looks like Vijay Antony and GV Prakash too have decided for their releases on Thursdays. Well, it might not be the same particular reason, but goes on to be a coincidental factor as well.Ajith Kumar2

GV Prakash’s forthcoming film ‘Kavaul Irukan Kumaru’ will be hitting screens on November 10, which is Thursday. Touted to be a comedy in the routine style of Rajesh, it features Kayal Anandhi and Nikki Galrani in female lead roles with Prakash Raj playing an important role.

Ajith Kumar3

On the other end, Vijay Antony’s much awaited ‘Saithan’ would be hitting screens on November 17, which again is Thursday.


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