Ajith surprises his cab driver and actor Vivek

Actor Ajith and VivekAjith surprises his cab driver and Vivek while he had gone to Sikkim to participate in the shooting. Ajith is donning the lead role in a film which is being directed by Gautham Menon. Anushka, Trisha, Arun Vijay and Vivek are donning important roles in the film.

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The shooting of the film took place recently in Sikkim. Ajith and Vivek were flying to Sikkim to participate in the shooting. Both of them were chatting about the olden days when they acted in the films Vaali and Kireedam.

At one point of time, Ajith removed his costly watch from his wrists and gifted it to Vivek. After alighting from the flight at Sikkim, Ajith and Vivek were travelling in a car to the shooting spot. The driver of the car was speaking in a very old mobile phone.

Ajith has asked the driver to stop the car and went to a nearby mobile shop and purchased a costly I Phone and gifted it to the driver. Apart from gifting the phone, Ajith has requested the driver to use the head phones while driving the car. Vivek was totally astounded seeing Ajith’s generosity.

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