Anushka increases her weight by 15 kilos

Tamil Actress AnushkaIt is very sure that after the release of the high budgeted historical films Baahubali and Rudramadevi, Anushka’s market will sky rocket.

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At this juncture she has increased her weight by 15 kilos which only heroes dare to do. The whole tinsel world is surprised by her act. Anushka has increased her weight by 15 kilos for the film Enji Iddupazhagi.

This film has been titled as Size Zero in Telugu. With this title one can guess what the story will be. The story of the film is about the models who are mad after size zero and what efforts they take to achieve this. Arya is donning the lead role.

This film is being produced in Tamil and Telugu. Prakash Kovelamudi is directing the film. After Irandam Ulagam, Arya and Anushka are joining hands once again in this film which is being produced by PVP Cinemas.

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