AR Murugadoss’ film with Vijay and Mahesh Babu as villains

Director A. R. Murugadoss has revealed the observations of actor Vijay on the aspect of co-acting with the popular Telugu actor Mahesh Babu. During the press meet for the film Spyder, a question was put up to the director whether actor Vijay will be ready to team up with Mahesh Babu. The director responded that he will make such a film.

AR Murugadoss

In fact, the director had started working on this immediately. He has also discussed with both Vijay and Mahesh Babu.


In a promotional event for Spyder, the director revealed that he had a story plot with both the actors – whereas Mahesh Babu will be the villain in Tamil version, Vijay will be the villain in the Telugu version. The director asked actor Vijay whether he is ready for this. He immediately responded positively. The director proceeded to discuss with Mahesh Babu as well.


Vijay had told that the full story and the characters must be developed and confirm whether Mahesh Babu will also accept – them. He will also be ready. However, if there is anyone else in place of Mahesh Babu, he won’t act.


Presently, the director is working on the film with Vijay. Sun Pictures, the producer of this film, has informed that the production activities will start from the start of next year.


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