Arun Vijay surrenders to police and writes letter to fans

Before three days, there were some issues raised upon actor Arun Vijay for dashing down a police vehicle around 3 a.m. parked outside Nungambakkam police station and he was alleged of drunk and drive too.

Arun Vijay surrenders to police 2Sooner, with the media channels flashing up their own stories and rumours, Arun Vijay finally arrived to the situation and surrendered at police station. Sooner for the clarification of his fans, he wrote this letter, which has been sending some heart-melting feelings down the core.
The letter handwritten by Arun Vijay is as follows…

Arun Vijay surrenders to police 1To all my fans and well wishers,
I have no reason to hide and I didn’t commit a stupendous crime!
I had not been in town for reasons related to work and due to my mental agony.

As a law abiding citizen, I shall face the charges against me. I do not know why this issue got blown out of proportion without getting the facts straight and not knowing the real picture.

Also I have no clue as to what is happening around me. Whatever the situation, I shall prove my innocence in the court of law.

Arun Vijay

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