Ashwin’s strong advise to be careful with a heroine

Actor Ashwin has mentioned that while acting with Swathi, one has to be very careful. After Idharku Thane Aasaipattai Balakumara, Ashwin has paired within the film Thiri.  Ashwin while speaking to the media said, “One incident in college affects a teenager who thinks what to do after completing his college.


What kind of incident affects me is the rest of the story. This film is about the relationship between father and son. Jayaprakash is donning the role of my father. In this film Swathi is acting with me. She will be always very lively. You have to be careful while acting with her.

Subramaniapuram Swathi

She will bring out small things in a great way. If we are not careful, she will over ride us with her acting skills. Apart from this I am also acting in a film titled Vedhalam Sollum Kadhai. I am donning the role of a video game designer in this thriller film. The story will commence in Chennai and will travel to various other States. So far such a story has never be dealt in any film. Guru Somasundaram and I took a lots of training.”

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