Chennai 2 Singapore songs launched in 6 different countries

A whole month of painstaking efforts and finally a mammoth dream is accomplished amidst lots of crisis and emotional turbulences. Yes, we are talking about the unparalleled efforts taken up by the team ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ over launching six  tracks from the album in six different countries from Chennai to Singapore signifying the importance of film’s title.

Tamil Movie Chennai 2 Singapore songs 1The journey through car started on August 12 launching the first track in Chennai followed by single tracks in Bhutan, Myanmar,  Thailand, Malaysia and finally wrapping up the journey in Singapore on September 11, 2016.

Tamil Movie Chennai 2 Singapore songs 2Sharing the news of glee with media channels and fans, filmmaker Abbas Akbar says that the entire team during the drive across 6 countries had to face more troubles, which were testing the mental and physical stamina at times. But with the great support of team and constant wishes from the fans, they were able to accomplish with the journey.

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