Comedian ‘Alva’ Vasu no more

Famous comedy actor ‘Alva’ Vasu passed away last night due to illness. He was aged 57 years.

Comedian AlvaVasu no more

Initially he was an assistant to famous director Manivannan. Later on he started journeying in the film industry as an actor donning character and comedy roles. ‘Alva’ Vasu has acted in more than 900 Tamil films. The most important films in this are Amaidhi Padai, Arunachalam and Shivaji.


Though Alva Vasu had acted in numerous films with Sathyaraj, the film he had acted with Vadivelu were the greatest.

Comedian Vasu no more

He was admitted in the Madurai Meenakshi Mission hospital for more than 6 months since he was having acute liver problems. Since he was not progressing and the treatment was not responding, the doctors advised the family members to take him back to the house.


Accordingly he was taken to the house. Alwa Vasu breathed his last on Thursday night.


Alwa Vasu is survived by his wife Amudha Vasudevan and daughter Krishna Jayanthika.

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