Confusing Kavan – Who’s Vijay Sethupathi’s baddie?

Former photo journalist and later a cinematographer and now a filmmaker! KV Anand has been consistently offering films based on unique concepts. The characterizations in all his movies always stand out to be more substantial, which indeed happen to the greatest highlights in his movies.

Confusing Kavan 2In fact, he offers so many twists and turns in the movie that we are not able to judge among the characters on who is bad and good. It has been so much evident with some of his erstwhile movies including Anegan, where he would think that Ashish Vidyarthi would be the baddie till the climax only to get it revealed that he is a good man.

Confusing Kavan 1Similarly, the same scenario can be expected with this upcoming film ‘Kavan’ starring Vijay Sethupathi, TR and Madonna Sebastian in lead roles. There are two negative characters in this film played by Bose Venkat and Ayan fame Akashdeep Saighal… While the latter would be seen as a complete baddie, Bose Venkat’s characterization would keep us in suspense on whether he is really a bad guy or someone with a different shade.

Kavan 2The film’s shooting is almost completed and full project would be wrapped up on November 3 followed by post-production works for a month. AGS Entertainment, producers of the film are planning to release the movie by December 23 for the festive occasion of Christmas.

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