Controversies pop up in 48 hours of Big Boss start

Big Brother – The most celebrated and internationally acclaimed show came to India with Big Boss that has been hosted by Salman Khan. Now with its adaption in Southern regions, Sudeep was the first one to make it happen with the Kannada version followed by Kamal Haasan taking over the Tamil and Junior NTR in Telugu.

Controversies pop up in 48 hours of Big Boss start

The show commenced last Sunday (June 25) and everything was so exciting for the fans to see as it involves the Live Drama, which even includes actresses flirting with guys, emotional outbursts and controversial encounters involving politics too.

Juliana who shot to fame for her protests during Jallikattu ordinance was very much hurt by actresses Aarthi and Gayathri Raghuram with verbal confrontations. When Juliana had to injure accidentally breaking a porcelain cup, Aarthi was passing comments while others were helping her and Gayathri Raghuram didn’t even come to look into the situation. Similarly, there were many such instances.


It looks like, there would more and more controversies happening there in the Big Boss house. In fact, things would be getting much more gripping to see as every weekend will have a contestant walking out of the house after elimination.


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