Costumes for Seema Raja songs were selected in accordance to locations – Anu Parthasarathy

The true nature, strengths, and character of the part played in a screenplay story will be reflected on the film fans only through the manner in which the costume of that of the character is presented.

In this regard, Anu Parthasarathy has been working as a costume designer for so many years, rejects the general notion that it is easier to design the costume is relatively easier.

The costume for the rural character does not include merely the Dhothi and shirt – they should reflect, especially in the song sequences, the character through colourful costume. The costume should also match the story backdrop and the screenplay.

Anu Parthasarathy

Each of the songs in the film has been picturised in different backgrounds and backdrops. Costumes for Seema Raja songs were selected in accordance to locations. For example, the items like the Kurtha and the jewelry worn by Sivakarthikeyan were all selected with the utmost care.

Actor Sivakarthikeyan, already popular with the children and youth, will attract all varieties of fans in this film.

Anu Parthasarathy confidently declares, “The film, ‘Seema Raja’, slated for release on the festival day of Vinayaka Chathurthi on 13th September, will definitely turn out to be a ‘Vasool Raja’!

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