Could Poochi be the title of Dhanush’s film?

dhanushThe title of Dhanush’s film directed by Prabhu Solomon is to be announced on Pongal day. Dhanush has donned the role of catering pantry car staff in the Chennai- New Delhi bound train.

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Dhanush role in the film is called Poochiappan. For the last few years Dhanush who acts with maturity transforms himself into the roles he dons. Similarly he has transformed himself in the role Poochiappan. Keerthi Suresh is pairing with Dhanush. She is donning the role of a touchup girl of an actress who journeys from Chennai to Delhi.

Majority of the scenes have been shot in train. Since the film has the backdrop of a train, the title Rail was considered. At the same time, if the film is titled Rail which is an English word, the State Government tax rebate will not be applicable. So other titles are being considered. It is understood that the title Poochi which is the name of Dhanush character may be used as the title.

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