Dangal (Yuddham) Movie Review

Aamir Khan’s world famous film ‘Dangal’ has been dubbed in Tamil as ‘Yuddham’ and we bring you analysis of this film. The movie is based on the real life portrayal National Wrestling Champion Mahavir Singh Phogat, who trained his two daughters to become world champions. Dangal2 The film’s greatest strength is the performance of Aamir Khan, where he just leaves us speechless and not to miss the actors playing the daughters’ role. They keep hitting hard with their distinct performances. In spite of the film being a long stretched running duration of nearly 2hrs 40mins, it keeps you engaged.

Dangal3 There are more chances in a biopic, where the second half might lose the intensity, but then, it all goes on more engrossing. The scene where Aamir Khan and his daughter happen to have an egoistic clash and the immediate sequence after losing international tours happens to confess is extraordinary. The dialogues like ‘Your Father won’t be there all the time to save you from sinking,” are extraordinary. DangalThe scene during final match, where Aamir Khan is locked up inside the room and he gets to know that his daughter has won the finals with the National Anthem leaves everyone so much stunned up.

Verdict:  A Must-watch Masterpiece…

Rating: 4.5/5

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