Devi(L) Movie Review

Following a gap after 11 long years, Prabhu Deva is back on the screens wearing the greasepaint in Tamil cinema with the film ‘Devi(L), a horror-comedy simultaneously made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. This indeed becomes a little constraint as we get to experience something like watching a dubbed film. But that doesn’t actually your movie watching experience and it all due to the power-packed performance of Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah. The duo keeps rocking with the emotional quotients, their romance and not to miss their stupendous dance moves.

Set in backdrops of Mumbai, we see Prabhu Deva as a man of dreams and he always dreamt of marrying a super girl with high lifestyle and cosmopolitan looks. But instead lands up marrying a below average village girl due to pressure from situations in his village and she is none other than Tamannaah. Way back to Mumbai, Prabhu Deva decides to get rid of his wife feeling that she is not the right match for him. On an occasion, when he is invited to a high profiled party along with his wife, he is shockingly surprised to see her suddenly transform into an ultra-modern girl with modern sizzling outfits and her dance performance with curvy moves send everyone stunned, particularly the famous actor Sonu Sood. Now that he signs her up for his next movie as the heroine, Prabhu Deva is really confused and shocked over the sudden transformation of his innocent wife into a mysterious glamour girl.

The first thing that you would notice in this film is that what is the secret of Prabhu Deva’s youthfulness? Not alone his dance moves, but his extraordinary performance is top-notch in both emotional and hilarious situations. For the first time, we get to see that Tamannaah has scored so much of brownie points as an innocent village girl and an ultra-glamorous city belle. Except the song ‘Chalmaar’ nothing actually impresses on tunes, but can be watchable for the dance of Prabhu and Tam.

Overall, although there are some slow moments in the second half, ‘Devi(L)’ stands out to be a sumptuous treat for family audiences.

Verdict: Clean and neat engrossing entertainer

Rating: 2.5/5


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