Dhanush brings full stop to Haji Mastan issue with Rajinikanth’s next

Pa Ranjith will be soon directing film which will have superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role. At this juncture, there was news that the film is based on the life history of the dreaded underground don and smuggler Haji Mastan of Mumbai. Once this news went to the notice of Haji Mastan’s son, he wrote a threatening letter to Rajinikanth asking him to stop the film. Dhanush’s Wunderbar Productions who is producing the film has sent an explanatory letter to Haji Mastan’s son.


In the explanatory letter, it has been stated, “There is various news about our production No 12 which has Rajinikanth in the lead role. In one of such news, it was mentioned that the film has the backdrop of Hajji Mastan’s life history. Based on this news, Thiru Haji Mastan’s son Thiru Sundar Sekar Mishra has sent a letter to Rajinikanth with regard to this. In order to explain this we are writing this letter. Our production No 12 is fully imaginary story with the backdrop of Mumbai. This film is not based on anybody’s history or real incidents. Especially this film is not based on Haji Mastan or his family.”


In connection with this director Pa Ranjith has already told the media that this film is not about the life and times of Haji Mastan.


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