Director Ameer’s help for his assistant director

Recently, during the festive occasion of Pongal, director Ameer during the launch of his upcoming film ‘Santhana Devan’ had mentioned that he would continue to make and produce films that will strive for the betterment of Tamil culture and ethnicity. He has now started shooting for his upcoming film ‘Santhana Devan’ that stars Arya and his younger brother Sathya in lead roles. Santhana Devan1 With the production works happening on full swing, Ameer has extended his helping hands towards his assistant director Gopal. His former associate director had started off with his own project titled ‘Acchamillai Acchamillai’, which is based on the real life issue happening around the locales of Tiruppur and Kovai.

‘Santhana Devan2 Over here, the industrial wastes are released into the neighborhood causing heavy problems to health of people out there. While 70% of the shooting was completed already, the director couldn’t proceed with the film’s production due to some issues. ‘Santhana Devan3Director Ameer has come into the situation in letting him help with the production and now the film is produced by Ameer Film Corporation. Moreover, Ameer will be playing a special cameo in this film that will be featured for 10 minutes and is so important to the script.


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