“Don’t comapre Premam with telugu version”: Shruthi Haasan

The film Premam seduced most of the audience of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Now this film is being remade in Telugu. Shruthi Haasan is donning the role of Malar teacher. In the original version Sai Pallavi did this role. When people heard that Shruthi Haasan will be donning the role, there was a sudden jerk. When Shruthi Haasan started particpating in the shooting one of her shooting still was released. Seeing the still, the ardent fans of Premam created memes in large numbers and made Shruthi Haasan weep.
While this was happening a song sequence was released. Agin the crazy fans took up tp social media sites and commented very badly about her. Producers had to block the comments on the YouTube.
Shruthi Haasan
In view of the foregoing Shruthi Haasan has requested her fans not to compare this film with the Malayalam film Premam. She said: I was relcutant to act in this role. I agreed for the role since the director assured me that he will shoot the film very carefully. Moroever I agreed to act in this film because Naga Chaitanya was my friend. I request the audience to see the Telugu Premam as a new film.

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