Ekanapuram Movie Review

Suresh Nakshatra makes his debut as director & screenplay with his movie ‘Ekanapuram’ based on a real life incident. The hero of the film, Ravi, is a resident of the village Ekanapuram. He performs as a player of drums (for positive and negative occasions) for his livelihood.  He meets the shepherdess heroine (Rithika) who takes care of the ducks and falls in love. Rithika reciprocates.

Ekanapuram3 Meanwhile, duck-eggs trader Rajasimhan tries to misbehave with Rithika to obtain her. Ravi comes to know of this. He decided to rescue Rithika from the clutches of Rajasimhan and marry her. At this juncture, one of the big shots in the village, Jyothisha comes between the pair of lovers and tries t abort their plans. Now, there is a flashback in the movie explaining why Jyothisha opposes the love affair between Ravi and Rithika. This is followed with an unexpected climax.

The movie attracts attention among the present day big-budget movies with a lot of build-ups and expectations with a simple village love story and naïve natives with the rural setup. It is to be noted that the director had not worked as an assistant to any other director before venturing into direction with this movie with his own experience. Though there are flaws, the movie Ekanapuram overall has an attraction.

Ekanapuram2There is enough scope in the movie for fight sequences, the director has taken care not to indulge in any display of heroism; on the other hand, he proceeds to present the characters in a realistic manner. The music director S Manimaran has cooperated well in synchronism with director Suresh Nakshatra understating the line of thinking.

Especially the song ‘Kannadi Neerodai’ sung by Swetha Menon, set to music by Manimaran with cinematography by A S Senthil Kumar takes the audience to the old times of watching an Ilayaraja special song!

Ekanapuram1The tempo of the movie is rather slow in the first half – if the editor Udayashankar had focused note, the movie would have been slicker. For the hero and producer of this movie Ravi, this is his first film. He has tried his best for a convincing portrayal of the character he plays. However, he has to improve on other aspects such as dance and fight.

Rithika, who acts as the shepherdess of ducks, has performed nicely truly reflecting the mannerisms of the rural young women. Jyotisha, who acts as a big shot of the village, has performed exceedingly well especially in the flashback scenes. Rajkumar, in the role of villain Rajasimhan, threatens with his very looks. Others like Sevvazhai, Poovitha, Janaki, Pawar Lakshman, Kovai Babu, Manimaran, Uma, and Citizen Mani have also acted.

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