Ennodu Vilaiyaadu Movie Review

Debut filmmaker Shivaraj has been written, directed and cranked camera  for the film ‘Ennodu Vilaiyaadu’. The film stars Bharath, Kathir, Chandini and Sanchita Shetty in lead roles. The film is set against the backdrops of horse race and betting that revolves around three characters. Ennodu Vilayadu 3 Bharath is a youngster, who has lost around 25Lacs in betting and he is desperately looking out to get back the money by the same sport betting. Then there is Kathir, whose girlfriend Sanchitha Shetty is in trouble for she has to payback 47Lacs to bank or else her house would be taken back by the bank. Ennodu Vilayadu1 Then, there is a topmost betting personality – Radharavi who is making his comeback with the plans to rule the zone and someone comes forward to offer him a whopping amount of Rs.50Lacs. But then the money gets swirled up between these three characters and finally who owns this money forms the crux of the story.

Ennodu Vilayadu 2

The film’s major plus is the way, how it has been shot and cranked up with visuals. Especially, the visuals are compelling and even the performances of actors are worthy of appreciations. Overall, Ennodu Vilaiyaadu can be watched for a different attempt.

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