RajiniKanthChandramukhi is a super hit film which had Rajni, Prabhu, Nayanthara and Jyothika in the cast. This film which was produced by Shivaji Productions was directed by P Vasu.


This film is the remake of the Kannada film Aptamitra. Now P Vasu has directed a sequel to the Kannada film with the title Aptarakshaka. Dr Vishnuvardhan who had recently passed away has done the lead role.


Vimala Raman, Sandhya, Latchmi Gopalsamy, Sreenivasamurthy, Vineeth and Gopal Kumar have also acted in this film. This film was exclusively screened for Rajnikanth at AVM preview theatres. Rajni was impressed and appreciated tit.


He said the last 10 minutes was very touching. Now they have planned to make this film in Tamil with the title Chandramukhi Part 2. P Vasu is also interested in making Rajni to act in this version also. But Rajni has not given his word yet.


This film was also screened for Prabhu and Ram Kumar who are the owners of Shivaji Productions. They said if at all the film is remade, Rajni be will their first choice.
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