It would be shocking to know the salaries received by our actors. Some of the salaries are given below: 

Rajnikanth                                                        Rs 30 Crores               

Kamal Haasan                                                   Rs 25 Crores 

Vijay                                                                Rs 10 Crores and Chennai City rights worth Rs 3000 Crores 

Ajith                                                                 Rs 7 Crores 

Vikram                                                              Rs 7 Crores 

Surya                                                               Rs 6 Crores 

Simbhu                                                             Rs 5 Crores 

Dhanush                                                            Rs 4 Crores 

Vishal                                                               Rs 2 Crores 

Jayam Ravi                                                       Rs 2 Crores 

Aarya                                                               Rs 1 Crore 

Vadivelu’s one day call sheet                             Rs 6 Lakhs 


Asin                                                                  Rs 2 Crores 

Nayanthara                                                       Rs 1 Crore 

Thamanna                                                         Rs 1 CRORE 

Anushka                                                            Rs 75 Lakhs 

Trisha                                                              Rs 70 Lakhs 

Shreya                                                             Rs 40 Lakhs 

Music composers  

A R Rahman                                                       Rs 3 Crores 

Harris Jayaraj                                                 Rs 1.50 Crores 

Yuvan Shankar Raja                                          Rs 1 Crore 

Though the individuals salaries have gone up, the box office collections are not so good.   Chennai, Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram Distributors Council President Kalaipuli G Sekaran while speaking said,” That out of 131 films released last year, only films Ayan, Nadodigal and Padikadhavan were successful. Films like Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Maayandi Kudumbathar, Siva Manasula Sakthi, Peranmai and Pasanga just recovered the money they had invested. All the other films were utter flops.” 

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Deepak Bangalore   | |2011-02-01 08:39:51
Dude Why ur Back of Vijay Man, Well i think u people r jealous of vijay, why
producer r not giving money to other actors bcz they knw tht expet vijay other
fellows movie shd get hit to returns his investment not like vijay even if movie
dosnt do well also they get there investment back
MY  - VIJAY..MASSALA ACTOR PAR EXCELLENCE!!!   | |2011-03-11 04:22:48

Surya deserves more than this Vijay!..Vijay has no talent but
Surya has loads of it..Vijay should be asked to quit acting since he's
giving the profession such a bad name!!?**
urwellwisher  - decent opinion from a innocent   | |2011-09-08 06:11:59
:P :P :P this salary list is not amazing thing for me, becoz there is
part of tamil audience are ****ing freak and idots, they are ****ing like
go the
theatre(which looks like indian public toilet... spitted and
pissed) to watch movie. though we are in 3rd generation, got DVD,
BLUE RAY DVD, HOME THEATRE getting cheaper for even 5000 bucks. i am
not encouraging piracy and not against here for going theatre , but we are
here to teach lesson for the dirty cinema people who run their bad
quality business for us, instead why they are not spending little money to
improve the quality of movie hall and why not thinking about the
people who come here to watch the movie,
despite why can't they reduce the
expense like salaries for actors and other things...

i never go to
the theatre and stopped it when i was young once i came to know they are
prasath  - salary of ajith   | |2011-09-14 10:30:00
:cheer: ultimate vstar ajith kumar is getting the salary of 77 lakh trillion

crores dollar. sama comedy ok have afun
Anand   | |2011-09-15 09:29:33
Pis Tel Anand salary!!!!!!!!
government  - tax department   | |2011-11-13 09:37:49
have you actors paid the tax
vivek   | |2012-02-27 07:40:43
Information is wrong.Rajini's salary for Endhiran is 40 crores.Vijay's salary
from Velayutham is 20 crores.Surya's salary for Matraan is 24 crores.Ajith's
salary for Billa 2 is 25 crores.Dhanush's salary for 3 is 7 crores.
Deepuraj  - love   | |2012-04-25 10:03:18
hai, Surya sir. im ur big fan. advance wish 4 ur film Matran be a big
I love love u a lot..........
deeban  - all actors   | |2012-07-04 21:43:05
all the acotors must be paid provincial, and federal taxes
prathap  - ticket rate   | |2012-07-17 09:17:22
cAN you decrease ticket cost for our valuable fans. thala unga padam paarka naan
mattumea 150 first show and next day is 135 . but we are very poor family but i
cant live without see you o screen so only please understand our great fans
feeling . 9952940664
prathap  - thala   | |2012-07-17 09:20:28
thala we are poor family but we cant live without see you on screen so
please decrease ticket rate. truly i'm saying for billa-2 only 1'st
show ticket is 150 and saturday show ticket is 135 its i get it from kadan
only. so i get tension for money but you are my real star .9952940664
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