Prakash RajPopular villain actor Prakash Raj is now donning character roles. He also recently got the National Award for acting in the film Kanchivaram. Prakash Raj has divorced his wife Lalitha Kumari. They have two daughters by name Meghna and Pooja.


There was news that this divorce took place because romance blossomed between Prakash Raj and Bollywood choreographer Bony Varma. After divorcing his wife, Prakash Raj has become more intimate with Bony Varma. He has directed the Kannada film titled Naana Naanu Kanasu which is the remake of the Tamil film Abhiyum Naanum which he produced and acted.

He has created sensation by participating in the special screening accompanied with Bony Varma. This is the first programme that they are participating. He said that since he is in love with Bony Varma there is nothing wrong for both to participate in the public function. Bony Varma is a famous choreographer in Bollywood.


There is news that both are getting married next month.

When asked Lalitha Kumari about this, she said,” I also got the news through the media, that both of them are getting married. I have lot of friends in Bangalore. They also contacted me over phone and told me about Prakash Raj comments at the recent function. This relationship is new. Let it give him happiness. I am concentrating on my daughters future. Only this is important to me.”

 Lalitha Kumari had acted in films prior to her marriage but she quit acting after getting married. Now after the divorce, she is back to acting. She is pairing with Sathyaraj in the film Muriyadi. 
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Manohar  - He's Prakash Rai   | |2010-12-07 17:27:59
Hi is Prakash Rai, not Prakash Raj
rain mask  - i hate him   | |2010-12-15 13:27:03
prakash rai is not a gud man.............
bcz he loved bony varma n devorsd
he dint care his daughters..........
maaya  - Lalitha Kumari, ex wife of Prakash Raj says,” Let   | |2011-01-24 02:39:54
I thought prakash is a gud man. atleast he should take care of the daughters
future. i hope lalitha ll take care of the childs and let god bless them.
fan  - let him be happy   | |2011-02-23 02:01:14
Let me him be happy with his new life...every body deserves happiness...n i
believe he loves his daughters
raghu  - mind ya business   | |2011-04-09 17:46:43
[size=x-small]bloody ....every 1 r concerned about others life... why dont u
just mind ya own business .....if hez gettin married let him get married.. does
it make any difference to you ppl over ter.... if yaa so jobless tn u go take
care of his daughter....
viinay  - prakash raj is waste felow   | |2013-08-09 06:30:12
he married a women,and in relationship with her for many year giving birth to
two daughters..

i think heis waster
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