SeethaSeetha made her debut as heroine in the Tamil film Aan Pavam. She continued to do female lead roles in numerous Tamil and Telugu films. She also did the female lead role in the film Puthiya Paadhai which was directed by Parthiban.

This was the first film he directed. At that time romance blossomed between Seetha and Parthiban. But Seetha’s family was against this marriage. Because of this Seetha left them.

Seetha and Parthiban got married clandestinely. This marriage took place some 20 years ago. The couple had two daughters Abhinaya and Keerthana. They also had an adopted son Radhakrishna. After few years after their marriage there were dispute between the two.

Both got separated after applying for mutual divorce. After the divorce Seetha was living with her parents. The elder daughter Abhinaya is living with Seetha while the youngest one Keerthana and son Radhakrishna are living with Parthiban.

Since Seetha did not get heroine roles she switched over to TV serials. She is also doing mother roles in the movies. At this stage she fell in love with TV actor Sathish. They both started moving with intimacy. They both lived as husband and wife in the same house. They have decided to get married in the traditional way. Both of them got married at Seetha’s residence in Saligramam in their presence of parents.


Seetha while speaking to the media said,” I got married for the second time since I needed a companion. I am very happy that Sathish has come into my life. I am really proud that I have got married to Sathish. It is very difficult to live without a man in the old age. That is why I married Sathish. I have already got two daughters and I am not for another child.”

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prathap  - new song   | |2010-09-16 07:53:34
hai :angry:
Anonymous   | |2010-09-16 08:59:18
unnaku ethku di intha polapu :evil:
Hari  - M   | |2010-09-16 14:11:10
Yes for sure she needs some one at this age, good decision. But Seetha madam why
did u shave ur head in Tirupathi for parthiban's well being earlier ..... this
is absurd ....
Anonymous  - what is the use of the marriage   | |2010-09-17 03:11:47
seetha married or not all is same why she is fell in love ha ha ha
venkat  - as you like, it ok carry on   | |2010-09-17 04:05:54
well wisher   | |2010-09-17 09:27:11
any way u got into new life but think about parthiban he is a real hero
eventhough u left him he did not go second marriage or haven't even heard of any
kissu kissu with any other women.really he is true hero and a good father to the
Venkatesh   | |2010-09-18 06:52:09
What u have said 100% true
Simraj  - Congratulations   | |2010-09-17 10:18:06
Congratulations Seetha,
All the very best for your second innings in
Good Wishes and Regards,
suba  - good decision   | |2010-09-17 11:07:00
happy marreid life Seetha ji.
mbm nilam  - x wief   | |2010-09-17 13:41:25
your desition is ok but you not thinking mr parthiban. becouse he cant find to
another x wife.
if you don't mind iam also free
ammu  - happy life   | |2010-09-17 15:31:00
start ur new life with sathish....
dont do same mistake again....
amutha   | |2010-09-18 01:53:00
:kiss: congratulations madam. what ever happens life have to go on. u know wat
u do.
rajan  - SEETHA   | |2010-09-18 05:03:48
Seetha got married just for companion and to married man Sathish.very stupid
decision :

She could visit us in Singapore,we will take care when she is old
Gossip girl  - SEETHA   | |2010-11-16 06:39:56
ya in singapore there are many diffrent types of benificial policies 4 both
single parent and a little ageeing ppl :)
Anonymous   | |2010-09-18 05:34:10
while she had done wrong. I feel sad about parthiban
sashi  - Mr   | |2010-09-18 09:05:07
Good choice Seetha. All the best. Of course we need someone in life to share our
happiness and sorrow.
vani  - hello   | |2010-09-18 09:19:46
well done seetha bravo............vani singapore
sek   | |2010-09-18 11:09:57
very sad that u hv not uploaded the photo of satish
Ashok.G  - very good decision   | |2010-09-19 09:19:40
Always celebrities are not good,
but what they do is good for the
Here after let all the lovers think about there future before marrying
the loved ones, keeping madams life as an example.
Jagadeesan  - Wish you a happy and peacefull married life   | |2010-09-21 03:53:09
Dear Seetha
I am 61 years old. In the status of a father I am blessing you for
a wonderfull married life.
mrs sumathi suresh  - Happy Married Life   | |2010-09-24 03:45:27
wishing u a happy married life.
martin  - good   | |2010-09-25 12:27:51
i don't know about Ur personal life but i know Ur character how sweet Ur
all films i like Ur character...apart from that now god give a beautiful life
once again so be happy in future i wish u happy marriage life...take care
mohamed sha  - hi   | |2010-09-27 06:42:32
Good choice Seetha. All the best
Sam  - Good   | |2010-09-27 19:03:30
ha ha ha comedy pa evangaloda
krishnamurthy  - shame   | |2010-09-30 06:11:03
hari  - THINK A WHILE   | |2010-10-01 13:34:35

hari purasawalkam  - awesome   | |2010-10-03 11:36:32
i saw enthiran first day spl show in abirami 7star.i went wit lot of
xpectations.after seeing d movie was very happy.our superstar always
hari purasawalkam  - not happy to hear   | |2010-10-03 11:45:41
dis is optimistic.but parthiban u GREAT sir
caderm   | |2010-10-13 14:53:46
All Tha Bast seetha
Hema   | |2010-10-15 03:47:10
Excuse me ppl!!!! this topic real worth to talk about...its her personal
life...leave her alone...and u guys..get a life..
Gossip girl  - seetha   | |2010-11-16 06:44:06
if itz unimportant y did u bother leaving a comment :silly:
dilshan   | |2010-10-15 15:31:41
BEST WISHES :woohoo:
jc  - Great Life   | |2010-10-21 21:39:15
Yes... Md.Seetha personal life so she got rights to take own ppl who
not feel gud or not her long she happy with new married
life.And god bless her always..

jc  - god bless   | |2010-10-21 21:42:21
Yes... Md.Seetha personal life so she got rights to take own ppl who
not feel gud or not her long she happy with new married
life.And god bless Md.seetha n family always..

devi  - Mdm Seetha   | |2010-10-23 05:08:04
:) to all the people who give comment i respect all ur comment one think that we
should think that we donn't wat happen btw Mr parthiban and Ms Seetha this is
their family life any way best wishes from me to ms seetha... i hope this year
will be the best year in your life that finnaly u find one person that u like at
this age n i think that u need some one to support u at this age ..... all the
people in earth me some to fall in love LOVE MIXT IN AIR WE CAN"T C
good luck n bless u ..........
venkat  - good   | |2010-10-29 12:52:05
decision is excellennt have a good life
smy   | |2010-11-04 11:31:29
wat a stupid u r
smy   | |2010-11-04 11:33:26
here the supporters of seeta ask ur mother to marry another person i mean ur
second dad
trickytool  - Very Smart   | |2010-11-08 09:00:42
:P She is right.. true she is not for any kids...Thats why they are together
for more than 2 years....

Mr. Parthiban - Padathula mattumdhan unga kindal
ellam. Unga life ippadi aayiduche!!!
yaaaarooo  - paarthiban sir..   | |2010-11-09 13:14:57
sir u have told "enaku moonu kozhandhainga en wife a yum serthu" nu..but
ur ex-wife is not fit for ur words.. anyway lead a beautiful spritual life
Anonymous  - re:   | |2010-11-10 15:05:26
Does he(Parth) live for hearing other people say 'you are a true hero'? After a
hard days work we all deserve to end the day with the security and love wives
give us. He should have married again a long time ago.
Viji   | |2010-11-11 21:35:10
Parthiban, You are really great. :!:

I dont know how this love triggered
more than one time for one's life. Very sad. She can't be a true lover for
anybody. She must be thrown out of public face.
Ramalingam   | |2010-11-12 20:08:31
This is purely their personal matter. No one has any right to comment on this.
We must comment only on their profession for which we pay. I think both still
loves their profession and doing their job good.
Vasin Vega   | |2010-11-14 07:06:03
@ramalingham. Yours is adecent attitude. However Actors are high profile
citizens of India and they play a substantial role in shaping up our culture. We
must encourage bold personalities like Seetha. Courage is what India lacks.
Courage brings Honesty. Courage, Honesty and Self respect would wipe away
corruption for a prosperous and fair India.
Vasin Vega   | |2010-11-14 07:22:21
Parthiban's act may appear a great sacrifice for a casual look but it is just
lack of progress. He has not attempted for another love. That means he could not
take Seetha out of his heart. Therefore he should have agreed to let Seetha run
affairs and be a good assistant to her. It is not necessary that men should
always lead. It is the psychologically stronger one in a relationship should
lead. Nowadays woman are stronger in that regard and certainly Seetha is. There
is no shame in letting woman lead. Again our stupid culture corrupts men's
Shalini  - sita remarries   | |2010-11-15 00:09:11
oh ppl how studpid one can get? why do you think the marriage ended in the first
place? becos of Pathipan's adultery. He was having affairs with those actress
who worked with him in his movies. Shame on you for critising Sita.

Have a
wonderful life atleast now Sita
Gossip girl   | |2010-11-16 06:49:34
HE WAS having affair!!!
Charles   | |2012-12-05 19:52:42
Now Sita is also having an affair.
Anonymous   | |2010-11-15 01:23:01
Why do many say 'at this age'? Seetha is not old. Remember it is men who depend
on muscles not women. Men start getting old at 45 but see Tom Cruise for
inspiration. Woman depend on tact, sweetness, pesuation, beauty, body lighness
...etc. Woman are multidimesional. They shouldn't start getting old until 70.
See Joan Collins. It is our culture which makes woman go old quickly.
Anonymous   | |2010-11-15 01:56:12
If you ask a fresh graduate 'What is Indian culture?' he would immediately jump
to explain rituals on weddings and Deepavali!!! Indian culture is about being
greateful to parents, faithful to husbands & wives, sacrificing for kids, living
together with relatives, tolerant towards downtrodden and believe in god and
leaders. Almost the whole burden to follow it is put on women's heads by male.
Except for the first one(parents) others must be modernised now because
husbands, leaders, relatives, beggers and even kids take advantage of our well
intending but stupid culture. Courageous woman like Seetha play a massive role
in changing the state of affairs.
christopher  - Very naughty   | |2011-02-23 12:46:01
:evil: Dear Madam .,

This two much for .,did u relay like for second
married is not possible .,

R u Mad do get foolish is think , Pls think in u
r two daughter and u r adobe son .,

Dont take immediate decisson ., Take
some time .,

vasusingh   | |2011-03-07 00:57:50
sathish want to play in the old pitch i think he could have keep her as a keep i
think he is one the best fool in the world
Deva  - Deva   | |2011-03-15 09:56:44
Dear Shaline and Gossip Girl,
How do you know that Parthepan Sir
was having was having affairs with those actress who worked with him
in his movies?
Did you both see?
Rathna  - re: new song   | |2011-06-19 14:02:26
hai :angry:

Changed your hubby also change your name - Panjali and
marry 3 more... :evil:
monisha  - krish   | |2012-11-18 10:32:00
;) excuse me u know ..who is panjali.. just pls dnt compare draupadi with
her(seetha).... its a sin. for more details..pls check draupadi wiki..then u
wil feel that ...wt u said is wrong
mani  - hi......   | |2012-06-15 07:56:43
hello madam do not show or do not teach this type of matters to daughters ....
let them to live with my uncle parthiban sir.. at this age u could not control
the something something ha
merlyn  - request   | |2012-09-13 04:11:33
hi seetha
i wont call madam, becoz u dnt hav the quality for that respectable
watevr may happen with ur ex husband cant u adjust atleast for ur 2
daughters.wat a selfish u r?
u r telling tat in my old age i neeed a
then wat about your daughters future
pls give back abinaya to her
father(parthiban sir)
becoz she going to face the society
every1 will tease
her that 2 father with 1 mother,
dont spoil her life i beg u pls
dont give
that painful life to her
u need a companion u got know, so pls leave abinaya to
her father
dnt use her for ur selfish.
Charles   | |2012-12-05 19:55:37
You are absolutely right. I don't know why this lady didn't keep her
trust on her children that they will take care in her old age. May be she is not
a good mother to them.
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