images/DailyNewsPhotos/Amala Paul14.jpgVettai is a film which has been produced by Lingusamy’s Tirupathi Brothers in association with UTV Motion Pictures.

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This film which has Madhavan, Arya, Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul in the cast had been released today throughout the world.

There was a press meet yesterday and Lingusamy answered the questions asked by the media people: 

About Vettai film?

This is my seventh film. I have eradicated the minus points in this film which were in my earlier films. This is the story about two brothers. But there is a small difference. Madhavan who is the elder brother who has donned the role of a police officer is very sacred person. If anything happens to him, he will immediately say, "Wait, I will tell my brother." This forms the basis of Vettai.

Is this film being remade in Hindi?

Yes. Two days back the UTV Motion Pictures group had seen this film. They said that this film looks like a Hindi film and it has come out well and it can be remade in Hindi. So this Hindi film will also be produced in association with UTV Motion Pictures.

Who will be acting in Hindi version?

I am not yet ready. But UTV Motion Pictures have mentioned that Salman Khan can be signed for Madhavan role and Ranbir Kapoor can be signed for Arya’s role. These matters will be finalized soon.

Who is your favourite heroine?

I like Anushka very much.

Which of the heroines you like who have acted in Vettai?

Sameera Reddy looks beautiful when she comes from shooting spots and Amala Paul will look beautiful when she is with makeup.

All the directors have started acting. When will you start acting?

I have acted in a sequence in Vettai.

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