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Director Shankar wants Dhanush to be in his movie
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 | Comment (0)

Director ShankarDirector Shankar has became famous in Hindi and Telugu film industry after his movie Endhiran. In Telugu version of Robot it has earned Rs 38 crores and it is the biggest hit of year 2010.

After seeing few shots of songs from Dhanush’s movie Aadukaalam at the audio launch director Shankar has expressed that he is waiting for a good script to include Dhanush in his movie.

Anushka’s love with Vedam movie director
Saturday, 01 January 2011 | Comment (0)

Vedam movie director KrishThere is a speculations going around Anushka’s secret love affair. Anushka has confirmed this in a Telugu TV Show. She admitted that she is in love and would be marring him in span of tow years.

Sources say his name is Krish and he is the director of Simbu’s movie Vaanam. Their relation ship started when the original movie Vedam shooting started. Then their friendship developed into love.

Sources say that her main motive for accepting Tamil version is that so she can be with Krish. For more news stay tuned!

70 directors introduced in 2010
Saturday, 01 January 2011 | Comment (0)

This year films with total new faces had been produced in large numbers. This year 70 people have debuted as directors. This is the most unforeseen historical record in Kollywood.

Among them Sakthi S Rajan ( Nanayam), Bunty Sarojkumar ( Porkalam), Thiru ( Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai), Thiraivannan( Kutcheri Arambam), Thamira( Rettai Suzhi), Kavin Bala ( Kanagavel Kaaka), Balaji Devi Prasad ( Katradhu Kalavu), Ramnath ( Ambasamudaram Ambani), Naga( Anandhapurathu Veedu), Badri Venkatesh( Bana Kathadi), Siddarth( Bale Pandiya), Sudha K Prasad ( Droghi), K V Nandu ( Thottu Paar), Sri Hari( Tha), Ravi Bharathi ( Sanikkilamai Sayangalam 5 Mani ), S S Rajamithran ( Ayyanar), Krishnaram( Aattanayagan), Anand K Chakravarthy( Nil Kavani Selladhe), M Sivashankar( Nellu) have attracted the audience with their different style.

Meera Kadhiravan ( Aval Peyar Tamizharasi), Sargunam ( Kazhavani) and C S Amudhan ( Tamizh Padam) are very promising.

K V Anand to capture the top place soon
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 | Comment (0)

K V AnandThough Anand is short, his films are so fantastic that will take him to the top slot. K V Anand made his debut as a director through the film Kana Kandein. His interesting screenplay was appreciated by many.

Then he directed the film Ayan which had Surya in the lead role. This pucca commercial film was racy and was a great hit in all the centres. Now he has directed the film Ko which has Jeeva and Karthika in the lead roles.

He has also shot a song sequence which features many mega star heroes. 15 actors including Surya, Karthi, Jayam Ravi and Thamanna are doing the guest role for this song sequence. Though it a tough task to bring all the actors together, K V Anand was able to manage this with ease.

Selvaraghavan says that he is in love
Friday, 24 December 2010 | Comment (0)

SelvaraghavanSelvaraghavan says that he in love. Selvaraghavan was married to Sonia Agarwal. But later on due to difference of opinion, they have parted ways. They divorced on mutual consent. Selvaraghavan said,” For the last two months, I am in love with a girl who is not connected with cinema.

I have mentioned that the film Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam has a realistic love story. That realistic love is there in her. Now I am very happy. Without spending 24 hours in cinema, I am setting apart two hours for her. Only during these two months, I am able to understand that how much I have missed in my life.

I like this life. I have come to cinema at the age of 21 years. I have not sat with my lover in the beach. I have not sat and watched a cinema with her. Now I am 33 years old. What I should have done at the age of 21, I am doing everything now.”


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