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R K says that Bala said,” You will go to the top”
Saturday, 05 March 2011 | Comment (0)

BalaR K alias Radhakrishnan while speaking to the media said," I had acted in Bala’s Naan Kadavul for 15 days. All of a sudden Bala sir called and told me," No R K, this role will not help you.

I don’t want you in this film but I will definitely give you an opportunity in my next film. "I also agreed and came back. But all of a sudden Bala gave me the opportunity in his next film Avan Ivan which I never expected. Many are asking me whether I donned the role of a villain in Avan Ivan. Bala told me," You should grow beard for 7 or 8 months. You should listen to me as I say.

Gowtham Menon house mobbed
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 | Comment (0)

Gowtham MenonHThe Hindu People Party members were arrested when they mobbed the house of Gowtham Menon recently. Nadunisi Naigal is a film produced and directed by Gowtham Menon. This film was recently released.

In this film there is a sequence where the son as an illicit relationship with his step mother. So there were lots of comments and reviews that Gowtham Menon has shot this sequence in a very vulgar way.

So the Hindu Makkal Katchi members gathered in the front of Gowtham Menon’s residence to protest against this film. When the Asst Commissioner of Police of Adyar got the information, rushed to the spot immediately with police personnel and arrested them.

Gowtham Menon will be directing a romantic film
Friday, 25 February 2011 | Comment (8)

Gowtham Menon77Gowtham Menon says that his next film not be a thriller but it will be a soft musical romantic film. He has produced and directed the psycho film Nadunisi Naigal and has earned a heavy profit. Though there were bad comments and reviews, they have earned the money invested in a couple of days. By end of this week, the distributors share itself was Rs 1.10 Crores.

Now with high level of energy, he will be directing his next Tamil film. The shooting of the film is to commence in the month of July and Surya will be doing the lead role. Emmy Jackson who did the heroine role in Madrasapattinam will pair with Surya in the film. This film could be the stalled film Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kalam.

Cheran speaks about Muran
Friday, 25 February 2011 | Comment (0)

Cheran9Cheran has the same spirit but now he is more prudent. He speaks with limitations. He has been appreciated for his acting in Yuddham Sei with SMSs and Bouquets. Click here for actor Cheran's Photo Gallery

Cheran is producing and acting in the film Muran. While speaking about this film, he said," In Muran, Prasanna is sharing the screen with me. Though this film is adapted from a Hollywood film, we have taken only a small matter from that film. Debutant director Rajan Madhav has taken this small matter and had crafted the story in a beautiful manner. Sometimes we are forced to agree in some matters that we don’t like.

That is compromise. The story speaks about what happens if we don’t compromise at all. Many are asking me that why I am aloof these days. This is the experience that time has taught me. Certain experiences have taught me lots of lessons.

Cheran says that everyday is a battle
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 | Comment (0)

Cheran1For some more days we cannot see the usual Cheran. Now he is seen as J K. He is a an investigative officer with a stiff face and less talk. Cheran was shown in a different style in Yuddham Sei. He was shown as a pragmatic police officer in flesh and blood. His forthcoming film Muran is also a thriller. When spoke to Cheran, he said," Yuddham Sei has given me confidence in my career. Click here for Cheran's profile

Now I have the confidence that I can do these kinds of roles. It gives me an energy that that I can act in an action film if the story is perfect. We have to wait and see that how this will be helpful in my future films. But everyone could have done this role but they would have brought it out in their own style. My favorable situation in this film is Mysskin’s vision. Many are asking me whether I took any special training to do this role. I exercised daily. Apart from this I did not do anything. Click here for actor Cheran's Photos

I read the script thrice. I felt if the body language is okay, it would suit the role. About working with Mysskin, it was very easy. We had good understanding. Since both of us have passion for cinema, there was no difficulty in understanding and acting. With regard to Muran, 80% of the shooting is over. Muran is a thriller film. But it will not be stiff as Yuddham Sei. It be relaxing entertaining film."


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