“Ghazi will speak of extreme patriotism” – Sankalp

It’s not just about a year or two back in time, but very often Tamil cinema has delivered some of the most cherishing fantabulous movies that are based on patriotism. Ghazi3 There have been fictional heroes and some of the real life heroes’ pictorial presentation too. Well, Ghazi belongs to the latter category, where it speaks about the heroic acts of a team that saved and protected our country from the neighbouring Pakistan that staged an underwater attack through submarine. Ghazi1 The film stars Rana Daggubati, Taapsee, Nasser, Atul Kulkarni and later actor Om Puri in lead roles. Speaking about the film, Sankalp says, “Tamil film industry has witnessed whole lot of patriotic movies and it has always received good response, not just with applause and whistles, but with more emotional connect from the audiences. Ghazi will definitely be an epitome of such great significance.Ghazi2Unable to attack Indian through the land and air, the neighbouring country enemies decided to make an underwater threat in 1971 and it all gave way to Indo-Pak war, which is completely the basic premise of this film.How our soldiers strived to save and protect our country forms the basic plot.” The film has been passed with ‘U’ certificate and is scheduled for release on February 17.

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