GV Prakash slams with strong words on offenders

It looks like GV Prakash constantly spends more time replying to each and every tweet that comes upon him. It is worth mentioning that he has been using the name of Ilayathalapathy Vijay to gain his fans to his league. GV Prakash1 But then, it has been turning up against him for more reasons. Apparently, he tells that it’s none other than Ajith Kumar fans, who have been constantly involved over abusing him. But what’s more funny or wondering is that GV Prakash keeps making certain local language comments too. GV Prakash2 One of the fans happened to ask him, “Where are you, if you’re man, come out!!!” and GV Prakash replies saying, “Yes I am out only… Come and catch me if you can..” This has been sending a sort of fun and resentment in the industry for GV Prakash has been losing his reputation. GV PrakashHe made yet another bold statement on the Twitter page saying, “I didn’t realise that people think we are in a fascist regime were well known person can express his opinions or likes”. “I am here for my profession & not to whine about who licks ones foot. I follow someone & that’s my choice you can’t whine on it either” (Sic).

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