GV Prakash’s heart-touching call for cyclone rescue mission

“The recent cyclone Okchi had played havoc in the southern coastal area, especially, Kanyakumari. The cyclone has caused a very large-scale damage in the district – fallen trees and electric pole, damaged roads, are an indication – the people are left with no tears in their eyes to mourn on the loss of their near and dear! Fishermen and their families have been devastated.


I read all about it – it forced me to visit the place. I went there on 10th December. I had a 1-day travel – but was hugely saddened by whatever I saw – now returned with a rather heavy heart! Visiting Kanyakumari was tragic! People cried wanting their lost near and dear back! On the other side – the cries to retrieve the bodies t least! It was quite awful! Even the young kids were ready to help! One of the ladies observed that is spite of the rapidly advancing technology, the arrival of the cyclone could not be warned in advance.

But South India has, as always, shown the large heart to help- 20165 floods, 2015 Varda, and Now, Okchi1 the youth and volunteers offered help on their own in large numbers!

This is the time for us to go south – help them to the extent possible!  Here is the chance for the youth to show their valour and kind heart.

Folks! This is the time to join hands and help!”

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