Hansika Motwani’s viral video gets mixed response

Hansika Motwani is well known for her philanthropic deeds and she has been so much involved in the good deeds of reaching out to the poor and needy with a much greater heart. She is renowned for adopting many children and completely providing them everything to come up in life including shelter, food and education as well.

Hansika Motwani’s viral video gets mixed response 1The actress recently happened to get down on the streets during the night time and suddenly surprise the platform dwellers by donating them food, water and cloths. The video was uploaded on her Twitter fan page and after sometime, Hansika Motwani was replied saying that she was wondering how it came out as video.

Hansika Motwani’s viral video gets mixed response 2Immediately, some of the fans commented on the page saying that it is so much evident that it’s pre-planned act and alleged Hansika Motwani not to pretend as if she doesn’t know anything. Well, it’s obvious that there are always mixed responses to each and every deed of actors and celebrities, but end of the day, she sparkled up the moments of those poor and needy peoples, touching their hearts.

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