“I am happy that independent films like To Let or recognized” – Chezhian

There happens to be a certain assumption that movies with a big budget and huge budget alone would be given more prominence by the critics for their recognition. But here is something that is totally different and exceptional that proved of Chezhian’s assumptions to be wrong. The writer turned cinematographer has directed the film ‘To Let’ that has won National awards for ‘Best Regional Film Tamil’.


Much elated about these honors, Chezhian has said that he evolved as an avid watcher of world cinema as he used to write about them in magazines and certain books. This prompted him to make such films that would turn the spotlights upon the Tamil movie.

The movie ‘To Let’ was sent to around 30 International Film Festivals and managed to get around 17 awards. “Usually, I had a belief that movies only with big star-cast and budget would be recognized by juries, but my film being felicitated encourages me to go furthermore to accomplish with this genre of movies,” says Chezhian, director of To Let, which is based on the problems faced by a middle class couple trying to find home for rent.

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