“I am not a part of PETA. Please make a note of this” – Vishal

Actor Vishal along with his Ex-girlfriend and actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar happened to protest against the killing of stray dogs in Kerala last year.


It was done with the initiation of good heart by PETA to save the dogs from being killed. But with the recent issue of Jallikattu ban causing a huge turmoil in the state, everyone is protesting against the PETA for creating this issue.


Very sooner, few actors who were involved in the PETA association have been brought forth for the controversial feedbacks and trolling. Henceforth, Vishal has made a clear clarification that he is in no way associated with PETA. In case of that miscreants cooking up stories about my association with PETA, he asks them to prove it and then he is ready to face any consequences.

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