I am not directing Dhanush’s Kurangatti: Director Raju Murugan

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Director Raju Murugan of Cuckoo fame has mentioned that there is no truth in the news that he is directing Dhanush in a film titled Kurangatti.
Dinesh and Malavika had donned the lead roles in a film titled Cuckoo. This film was directed by Raju Murugan. Santosh Narayanan had composed the music.  This film which has been produced by Next Big Films was released Fox Star.
Cuckoo speaks about the romance of two visually challenged people. Raju Murugan had wonderfully directed this film which was appreciated by all. 
Since the producer yielded good profits, he had gifted Raju Murugan with car. There were various news about Raju Murugan’s next film on the internet.
When asked Raju Murugan, he said, “People write whatever they feel. I am yet to complete the work connected with my next film.
Only after completing the script I will be in search of my hero. There is news that I am directing Dhanush in a film titled Kurangatti. There is no truth in the news.” 

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