I am not worried because my marriage has been cancelled: Actress Trisha

Actress TrishaActress Trisha was betrothed to producer Varun Manian. Both were in love and travelled together to all places. Both of them decided to get married.

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With the approval of both the parents, betrothal function took place. Both of them exchanged rings and they decided to get married by end of this year. All of a sudden there was difference of opinion between the two.

Now both of them have parted ways. It was mentioned that both of them split ways because Varun Manian’s family objected to her acting in the films after marriage.

Trisha’s mother Uma said that the marriage was stopped because of the elders in the family. So far Trisha did not comment about this. Now for the first time, she has mentioned, “It is true that my marriage has been cancelled. This happened unexpectedly. Some things happen like this.

We should accept it. I am not worried about marriage. I don’t even think about it. We should go to the next stage in life. Now I am fully concentrating in acting. All the things that happen in the life is because of God. I have the habit openheartedly speaking  about the good things. I am ready to accept anything that happens in my life. I am God’s child. He will take care of me.”

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