I am ready to don comedian roles: Actor Vadivelu

Actor VadiveluThe press meet for the film Eli which has Vadivelu in the lead role was organized recently in a five star hotel. All the cast and crew including director Yuvaraj had participated in this meet. Vadivelu while speaking on this occasion said, “This film will definitely enthral the children as well as the elders.

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This is a wholesome comedy film. All will come and enjoy this film with laughter. Sadha has paired with me in this film. There are song sequences featuring her and me. This film pertains to the period 1960-1970. This is the time we started learning English.

Hence there will be more wrong pronunciation of English in the film. Many are asking that why there is a big gap between this film and my earlier film. There is no big reason for this. We have to take so much time to give a good quality film.

In between I got the opportunity to act in comedy roles but I was stubborn to complete this film before acting in any other films. Now this film has given me full satisfaction. Now I am ready to act in comedian roles in other films. Many are asking that whether I will foray in to politics. As of now I cannot say anything about this. Now I have opened the shutters for cinema. This is going well. Let us wait and see what will happen.”

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