I am with my friend in America: Actress Hansika

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Actress Hansika has mentioned, “Now I am in America. No one has met me. Neither did I refuse to see them.”
Sensational romance
Hansika is pairing with Simbhu in the films Vettai Mannan and Vaalu. While shooting for these films, romance blossomed between the two. Initially both of them did not reveal their love with each other.
Then there was news that Hansika is not in love with Simbhu. Immediately Hansika quipped, “ It is true that I am in love with Simbhu. We have decided to get married.” Simbhu also agreed for this. This romance created sensation in the Tamil film industry.
Difference of opinion
Though both were in love, Hansika family members did not agree for immediate marriage. Hansika mentioned, “ I am deeply in love with Simbhu but our marriage will not take  place immediately.  It will take place after four or five years.”
There was news that there was difference of opinion between them. At this juncture Simbhu was donning the lead role in a film being directed by Pandiraj. Nayanthara is pairing with Simbhu in this film. Everyone is aware that Nayanthara was ex-lover of Simbhu and both of them parted ways due to difference of opinions. 
It is understood that Hansika is against Simbhu for acting with Nayanthara. Because of this there was quarrel between the duo and Hansika had left to America while Simbhu has left to London.
There were also news that Simbhu had gone to America to visit Hansika and she refused to see him. This news was on many websites.

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