I don’t have any problems with Ajith: Vishal

I don’t have any problems with Ajith VishalVishal has mentioned that he has no problems with Ajith in the star cricket issue.

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In order to raise funds for the Nadigar Sangam buildings, a star cricket match was organized. In order to celebrate the success of this match, a press meet was held.

Actor Nassar, Vishal, Karthi, Ponvannan and Ramana participated in this meeting. At this juncture Vishal was asked about the news which mentioned that there were problems between Ajith and Vishal in the cricket issue.

Vishal while speaking said, “ The star cricket match was completed successfully. Now we have money to build the Nadigar Sangam building. The news which mentioned that Ajith and I had problems made me sad. To tell the truth, Ajith and I have no problems.

We are inviting a person for a function. If the person does not turn up we cannot interfere. We came into this position for the sake of the welfare of Nadigar Sangam members. We have not come to create problems. We have no anger against anyone who did not turn up for this match. I have a great affection towards Ajith, Rajini and Kamal.”


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