“I feel ashamed of being awarded by PETA” – Dhanush

Just when almost all the actors from the industry were making their support and words upon the Jallikattu protest, many were inquisitively looking upon to see whether what’s going to be a statement from Dhanush, who was awarded as the hottest vegetarian award by PETA, the same association that has posed ban on Jallikattu. Apparently, this morning Dhanush made a vociferous press statement saying, “I feel ashamed of being awarded as ‘Hottest Vegetarian’ by PETA.


I would like to makeit clear that in no way I am a part of this association and so are the members of my family.  Jallikattu happens to be a culture of Sindhu Samaveli tradition over the past 3000 years and knowing the significance of Bull, the Indian Government itself has engraved the image of Bull on its Government Emblem.


This is more than enough to show the prominence of Bull. I am really awestruck by the support of youngsters raising their voice upon Jallikattu.”

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