I have no problems in joining hands with Simbhu: Anirudh

Simbhu AnirudhBeep song sung by Simbhu has been blown out of proportion and has caused a great controversy. It was initially mentioned that Anirudh had composed the music for the song. Hence there were great agitations and protests against Simbhu and Anirudh. Many cases were registered in the police stations.

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Anirudh made a statement that he is no way connected with Simbhu’s beep song. Anirudh reported to Kovai Police station and gave his explanation. Simbhu who had also encountered various police cases and court cases because of this made his appearance in the police station and said that there is no connection between Anirudh and the song.

Moreover he added that he was fully responsible for the song. When asked Anirudh that whether he will be working with Simbhu once again he said, “Beep song is a small matter. It was unnecessarily made big.  I have given a letter to Kovai Police Station stating that I had no connection with the beep song. Why should I not again work with Simbhu? In fact people are very eagerly waiting for our songs.”

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