“I made several mistakes with Vikram’s Kanthasamy” – Susi Ganesan

Filmmaker Susi Ganesan feels bad about something he did over his yesteryear movie ‘Kanthasamy’. While he is busy interacting with everyone in the media and press regarding his upcoming release ‘Thiruttu Payale 2’ hitting screens on this Friday, he told, “I made several mistakes with Vikram’s Kanthasamy. Everything about the film was boosted to a high level and in an exaggerated manner, which elevated expectation levels beyond the limits. I still remember the first-day first show, where the entire theatre was whistling and applauding for ‘Meow Meow’ song. I was entering a theatre and could see a topmost filmmaker getting out of the theatres for no reason. Then I learned that for someone to succeed, they should be calm, composed and maintain a low profile or else things will be backfired.”


Thiruttu Payale 2 features Prasanna, Bobby Simha and Amala Paul in lead roles. The film is about how technological advancements have both plus and minus. Susi Ganesan says that using a wi-fi is almost like sitting naked in public. Such is the situation of a person who is occupied with cyberspace.

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