“I need not answer anyone about AAA or Red Card” – STR

A serious complaint was made by the team of the director and producer of the film Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan – that the hero of the film Simbu, who was paid an advance of Rs. 2 Crores, did not attend the shooting punctually and also did not allow the director to shoot as per his ideas and went about changing the storyline as per his preference.


In this scenario, the actor Simbu has come up with the explanation 

‘The film has been completed and released. Hence, I do not need to offer explanations about things that are already over. I am yet to receive the balance payment of Rs. Rs. 3.5 Crores for acting in this film. The film artists association has to help me get this balance. I have already made a complaint. I am prepared and I know how to deal with it in case I am given a ‘red card’.’

In the above background, it may be worthwhile to wait and watch how Simbu will encounter the challenge of being a given a red card by the producers’ council when the actor is all set to act in the film by the legendary director Maniratnam!

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