“I regret for being judgmental about Dhanush” – Prasanna’s confession

Actor Prasanna made his debut in Tamil cinema through Maniratnam’s production 5 Star directed by Susi Ganesan. Off the late, he was seen in some of the best entertainers, but unexpectedly declined away from the spotlights. Now with many projects lined up in his kitty, the actor feels so much elated about the stunning response for his performance in Pa Pandi.

Dhanush Prasanna

Although, his role was a mere reflection of youngsters and didn’t have anything to do with larger than life characterization, it was very much reflected among the youngsters of contemporary times. Apparently, Prasanna says that such compliments from the actors make him very much gleeful.


The actor on sharing his experience working with Dhanush says, “Initially, I had my own assumptions that working with Dhanush would be difficult and he is not such a great person. Maybe, it was due to the hearsays of many people out there. But I was literally shocked and very much sorry to draw such conclusions.


I regret for being judgmental about Dhanush. He was so calm and composed with such a good nature. Dhanush has become a lesson to me that I shouldn’t judge anyone easily.”

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