“I was completely forsaken during AAA shoot” – Adhik Ravichandran

The entire town of Kollywood and film buffs are involved in the relentless curse over the last Friday release ‘Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan’. The film starring STR, Tamannaah and Shriya Saran in lead roles had been carrying a mammoth of expectations from the moment it went on floors.


Moreover, with the makers promoting the film that STR will be appearing in three different avatars, the anticipations shot up to sky rocket progression when the actor himself revealed that he will be appearing in not just three, but the fourth avatar will be a surprise element in the theatres.


It was looking like a perfect plan until the last minute, there happened to be a sudden decision to release the film in two different parts. The film’s first part featuring STR as Ashwin Thatha and Madurai Michael released last Friday turned out to be a box office disaster and the hardcore fans of STR have warned the actor that they would stop watching his movies if he tries to take advantage of them by making cheap movies.


Adhik Ravichandran in one of his recent interviews has mentioned saying that he was completely forsaken during the shoot and was never offered the way to proceed with things as he wished.


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