I will capture an important place in Tamil cinema: Srushti Dange

Srushti DangeSrushti Dange had acted in few Tamil films including Kaththukkutti, Vil Ambu and Navarasa Thilagam. She is creating a space for herself in Tamil cinema. She has donned an important role in Dharmadurai.

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Srushti Dange while speaking about her Tamil cinema experience said, “ I have donned the role of a college student and doctor in Dharmadurai. I am confident that this film will be a good one for me. Many important actors are acting in this film.

Director Seenu Ramasamy has given me a good opportunity in this film. Currently I am having five films in my hands. Next the film Achamindri in which I have paired with Vasanth Vijay is being released.

This film is a good entertainer with all the commercial ingredients. I have donned the role of a Chennai girl. This film is about education awareness. I am confident that I will carve a niche for myself in Tamil cinema. I am acting in the films Oru Nodiyil, Kaalakkoothu and Jithan 2. The shooting of Jithan 2 is commencing soon.”

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