I will definitely not act in sister’s role once again: Lakshmi Menon

sister’s role  Lakshmi MenonLakshmi Menon has currently paired with Jayam Ravi in the first Tamil zombie film titled Miruthan. The film which was certified with A certificate is being released on 19th February.

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Lakshmi Menon  was asked that why she had donned the sister’s role in Ajith starrer Vedhalam. She while speaking about this said, “Everyone is asking me about this. This is only an effort. It gave me immense pleasure when the film was a hit.

Similarly I am having the confidence in my film Miruthan.  We have tried a new effort. I am very happy that I have participated in this. There are only 7 important characters in the film. Others will be like corpses. They will walk like in the ghost films. They are called zombies.

Many are asking me that whether I will don the sister’s role in leading actors’ films once again. When director Shiva narrated the story, he told me the importance of the role. There are many who say that there will be no importance in sister’s role.

In order to prove that is wrong I have acted in that role. I have acted once in sister’s role. In future I will not act definitely in the sister’s role. I have decided not to don the role of sister to any hero.”

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