I will love the person I like: Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal AggarwalKajal Aggarwal has mentioned that she will love the person whom she likes. She while speaking to the media said, “I will easily fall in love but so far I have not met the person whom I like.

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If I get such a person I will surely love him. I will roam with him jollily. I will travel with him in the flights. I will go to hotel and travel with him. I know a little bit of cooking. I am also a foodie. I love ice cream and cakes. I also know to bake a cake. I use to eat lots of non-veg food those days.

Now I have stopped eating meat and milk. I have become a pure vegetarian. I like eggs. I will eat egg alone. Appam and coconut milk is my favourite food. Whenever I come to Tamil Nadu I will eat idli, sambar and chutney. I like traveling very much. I am fed up by flying.

I like to travel long distance in the highway roads. I am also interested in road trips in European countries.  I love sea and mountains. I am fond of nature. I like all the beautiful scenic places. Many will spend hours together in shopping malls but I am not like that. I will buy what I like and come out soon.”

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